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日期:2017-09-05                      来源:控制工程学院                       作者:                      关注:[]

为了提升我校的学术水平和国际学术交流层次,增进我校微纳米技术、机器人、控制、信息、生物医学等多个优势学科的融合与发展,增强我校建校30周年庆典的学术氛围,我校拟于2017年9月21日-24日在我校与IEEE纳米技术理事会共同举办2017 IEEE纳米技术与机器人智能系统国际会议。

本次会议将以“纳米技术与机器人智能系统”为主题,围绕微纳传感器和智能机器人系统,及其应用在生物医药等领域中的研究热点、难点及未来发展方向等重要学术问题进行交流,并将重点围绕如下议题展开: 纳米技术、微纳机器人、机器人感知系统、多模态感知与应用、单细胞分析、与大数据以及多模态传感器融合等。

本次会议邀请了十多位本领域的国际知名科学家与会,其中包括IEEE 机器人和自动化理事会的主席,香港大学的席宁教授;以及IEEE 纳米技术理事会的主席,香港城市大学的李文荣教授。另外,IEEE国际机器人与自动化协会、IEEE纳米技术理事会前主席福田敏男教授(日本名城大学);IEEE 机器人和自动化理事会的副主席,中科院自动化所的刘连庆研究员;以及IEEE纳米技术协会中纳米传感器与纳米驱动器技术委员会主席李国宾教授(台湾清华大学),将会来支持和参加本次大会。













IEEE International Workshop on Nanotechnology for Robotics and Intelligent Systems

(IEEE-NRIS 2017)

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the program committee, we are glad to inform you that the following presentations will be offered on September 21 inIEEE International Workshop on Nanotechnology for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IEEE-NRIS 2017), which will be held at the Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao in Hebei, China, September 21-24, 2017:

Light-controlled Cellular Surgery

Industrial Robotics at Nanoscale

Physical Human-Robot Interaction and ItsApplication to Assistive Robot Systems

Screening of Affinity Reagents on Integrated Microfluidic Systems and Their Applications forFast Diagnosis

Multidimensional Cellular Analysis from 1D to 3DEnabled by Robotic Micro/Nano Manipulation

Nanoparticle Film Sensors for ElectronicsPackaging Reliability

Bridging Biological Neural System and Machine

Programmable Molecular/Nanoscale Building Blocks and Development Strategies for Real-Time, in Vivo Molecular/Nano Sensors


IEEE-NRIS 2017 will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, interactions, networking and collaborations for researches and developments in nanotechnology for robotics and intelligent systems with special attention to the latest advances in these disciplines. Topics for the presentations include but are not limited to:

· Cell Engineering

· Functional Nanoparticles

· Nanohandling Robots and Systems

· Automated Assembly of Nanophotonic Structures

· Nanorobotic Handling of Graphene

· Automated Characterization of Nanomaterials

· Physical Human-Robot Interaction

· Assistive Robot Systems

· Nanomanufacturing and Nanofabrication

· Nanofluidic Automation

· Nanomagnetics

· Integrated Microfluidic Systems

· DNA Nanotechnology

· Nanophotonics

· Nanobiology and Nanomedicine

· Nanorobotic Manipulation

· Nanoarchitectures

· Cell Analysis

· Microelectronics and Nanopackaging

· Discontinuous Metal Island Thin Films

The Important Dates of IEEE-NRIS 2017 are now updated to:

· Early bird registration deadline:September 10, 2017

· Conference: September 21-24, 2017

Brief Introduction of Plenary Speakers:

It’s our great honor to invite the following researchers in the nanotechnology discipline to deliver high quality presentations in IEEE-NRIS 2017:

Professor Eric Chiou,


◆ The NSF CAREER Award in 2008

◆ The UCLA MAE Teaching Award in 2014

The JALA TOP TEN Innovation Award in 2015

Fellow of AIMBE and RSC


Professor Rosa Chan,

City Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

◆ TheCroucher Scholarship in 2004

◆ TheSir Edward Youde Memorial   Fellowship for Overseas Studies in 2004

◆ Asia Pacific Representative of the IEEE EMBS Administrative  Committee


Professor Sergej Fatikow,

The Univ. of Oldenburg, Germany

◆ Head, Division for Microrobotics & Control Engineering (AMiR), The Univ. of Oldenburg, Germany

◆ Head, TC Automated Nanohandling, Research Center OFFIS, Germany


Professor Toshio Fukuda,

Beijing Institute of Technology, China/Meijo Univ., Japan

◆ Academician of The Engineering   Academy of Japan

◆ Past President of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society 

◆ IEEE Robotics and Automation  Technical Field Award


Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge,

Tohoku Univ., Japan

◆ Past President of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society(2010-2011)

◆ Division X Director of the Board of Directors of IEEE (2015-2016)

◆ Fellow of SICE, JSME, RSJ and IEEE


Professor Jin-Woo Kim,

Univ. of Arkansas, USA

◆ Vice President of Publications in IEEE Nanotechnology Council (2017-2019)

◆ Fellow of the American Institute of Medical & Biological Engineering(AIMBE)

◆ IEEE Nanotechnology Distinguished Lecturer (2017)


Professor Gwo-Bin Lee,

National Tsinghua Univ., Taiwan

◆ Associate Editor-in-chief of IEEE  Transactions on Nanotechnology

◆ Fellow of ASME, RSC, IET and IEEE


Professor WenJung Li,

City Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

President of IEEE Nanotechnology Council

◆ Electee of One-Hundred-Person  Project of Chinese Academy of  Sciences

◆ Fellow of ASME and IEEE


  Professor Lianqing Liu,

Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

◆ IEEE Early Government/Industrial Career Award in 2011

◆ Rising Star Award of 3M-Nano  Society in 2015 


../WechatIMG241.pngProfessor Fabrizio Lombardi,

Northeastern Univ., USA

◆ Editor-in-Chief of two IEEE Trans.

◆ Member of the Board of Governors of the IEEE Computer Society

◆ Meritorious Service Award in 2011

◆ Fellow of IEEE

  Professor James Morris,

Portland State Univ., USA

◆ Vice President for Finance in the NTC

◆ Distinguished Lecturer for the EPS and the NTC

◆ Life fellow of IEEE

   ../WechatIMG243.pngProfessor Aiguo Ming,

The Univ. of Electro-Communications, Japan

◆ IEEE ICMA AWARD for ICMA 2010 Best Paper Nomination Finalist



  Professor Aaron Ohta,

Univ. of Hawai’i, USA

◆ Associate Professor of Electrical  Engineering, Univ. of Hawai’i



  Professor Zhidong Wang,

Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan

◆ Professor of Advanced Robotics,Chiba Institute of Technology

◆ Excellent Paper Award of DARS


  Professor Ning Xi,

The Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

◆ Past President of IEEE Nanotechnology Council

IEEE Early Academic Career Award in 1999

◆ Electee of The Recruitment Program of Global Experts 


../WechatIMG104.pngProfessor Yong Zhao,

Northeastern Univ., China

◆ Professor of College of Information Science and Engineering,Northeastern Univ.

◆ Electee of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars 

Electee of Yangtze River Scholar Distinguished Professor in 2015 


  Professor Guanglie Zhang,

Shenzhen Acadamy of Robotics, China

◆ Vice President of SZAR



For detailed information about the plenary speakers,

please visit the conference website:


Yours Sincerely,


General Chair: Jianchang Liu (Northeastern University)

Program Chair: Yuliang Zhao (Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao)

Co-Program Chair: Zhenhe Ma (Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao)

Organizing Chair: Fei Fei (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Workshop Secretariat: Tracy Tsoi (The University of Hong Kong)